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City and urban environment

About Us.

GV Property Management was founded with the goal of providing reliable and time-saving property management services, of the kind we ourselves wanted for our properties when we were getting into the real estate investment market.

Our own experience was not a pleasant one – we encountered companies who were interested in doing as little of the necessary upkeep and oversight work as possible, companies who would not return either ours or our tenants’ calls, and others who were struggling to find reliable service technicians.

We stopped, thought about it, and decided that it was time to start managing our properties ourselves.

A short time later, a friend asked if we could help with tenant finding. A few other calls followed later, and we began offering residential leasing services. When the first management contract came our way, we decided that it was time to give this the shot it deserves.

We have been steadily growing and continuing to treat the properties we manage with the same care and attention as if they were our own! We have expanded our resources, our geographical reach, and our range of property management –related services.

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