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retirees on vacation


As someone who spends a portion of their year away from home, you undoubtedly have concerns about who is going to look after your home when you're away. Is it going to be your neighbour? a friend? a family member living close by? We believe that these options may place your property at varying degrees of risk:


Neighbours may not pay too much attention, friends may not look over the property as thoroughly as needed, and family may have their own ideas of how the property should be used while you're away.  All of this comes down to the question - can anyone other than yourself effectively look after your property while you are several flight hours away?


The answer is yes. We can! We know the legal, safety, security, and upkeep tasks associated with vacant properties. We manage many such properties - some remain vacant for several years! We make sure that vacant property -related concerns such as dumping, loitering, encroachment on the property, illegal sheltering, loss of utilities, vandalism, effects of severe weather and others - mainly caused by lack of effective property management in the absence of an owner, are handled effectively and quickly.

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