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Realtor education course


We are working to expand our network of realtor partners and we would like to work with you! 


Did you know that in the investor's real estate buying journey the Property Manager is the last stop? That's right! After the Mortgage Broker, The Lawyer, the Insurance Agent, and you - the Realtor, are done with the investor, the Property Manager takes over the relationship.


Wouldn't it be good to close out your service to your client by referring them to a trusted professional? We think so! and what's more - here are some examples of how our partners and friends do this:


Gift a Property Manager - Some of our Realtor partners gift our services by paying GV Property Management anywhere from 2 to 6 months on behalf of the investor for us to manage the property.

Earn More - If our Realtor partners connect us with owners who then become our clients, GV Property Management will credit the Realtor the equivalent of 2 months' worth of our property management fee!


In Business Together - Many of our investors are regular buyers who are in need of Realtor services in different jurisdictions, and for different types of properties. They often ask GV Property Management for help recommending Realtors. If you are our partner, we will recommend you! We hope you will do the same for us! GV Property Management is NOT a Real Estate Agency, and your clients remain YOURS!

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